Love Mileys Style . . .

Hey Girls,

sorry for waiting so long for a new Post! We were just so busy!

Anyways, yesterday dyl & I went shopping and it was So ah-mazing! I just luv accesoires. C'est mon passion!

Sorry I really can't write that much! Have to visit Claire . . . XoXo Massie


Shopping Yesterday XoXo Mass&Dyl


hey dyl is here ...

there's a girl which is so AH-NNOYING! gosh i hate her. she always comes to our place in the cafeteria and she acts like she is my bff! gosh!!! i could scream right now! and she always talks bad about me in my back. emm ... hello?! @this lil bitch; Fuck you . . .


Sorry 4 annoying you with my little problem but i just HAVE to write. Yesterday shopping with mass was so cool :) Luv the things we bought! also bought this JEANS & T-Shirt


LuvXoXo -Dyl<3

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