C'est la Vie, Bitch.

Hey everyone.

First, we are SO sorry 4 not updating the last month. We were just so busy and puh-lease; everyone has stuff 2 do.


Massie; Dyl? Yesterday was so ah-mazing. Galas are totally IN!

Dylan; Massie, your Outfit was so glah-mourus! I luv it. ;)


Leesh; O-M-G! He asked me out! :O


Kuh-larie; Umm ... Cam?! What is wrong with you?! >.< Grrr.


Kristen; I won't apologize for who I am.


See, Leesh is in Love (again); Claire can't get Cam out of her mind and Kristen ... idk ?

>>G2Call Kris l8er!

Well, Dylan & I had a lot of fun yesterday @this amazing Gala.


C'est la Vie, B*tch.





P.S.: Need Style-Tipps? Just E-Mail us; theclique@hotmail.de


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