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Hello to all Pretties, and also hello to everyone who wants to become a Pretty!

Well, we often get Mails with ppl begging us to get style-advice, and don't get me wrong; we Luv anwering them, but (!) now you don't have to email us anymore. For style- and boyadvice;

But we won't tell you the password of the GLU-Area on formspring. If you want it you have 2 email us:

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    Dorine (Monday, 18 October 2010 12:00)

    Okay, let me get this right.

    Massie is amazingly rich, and why would she get a FREE blog? The only thing YOU should do is get some money for instead of getting a blog and impersonate Massie.

    No offense, meant.

  • #2

    leesh (Sunday, 24 October 2010 20:14)

    well, claire started this blog! she told us about it and yeah; so we kept this one.
    and honestly, i have no idea how to build a homepage.

  • #3

    Milla (Sunday, 02 October 2011 18:17)

    Dear PC,I'm kind of broke and I wanna be a alpha like Massie.How can I? -XOXO Milla.P.S:I'm not a wannabe.

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