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bigredhead: hey claire :)

clairebear: oh. hey dyl.

bigredhead: whatcha doin'?

clairebear: just called cam ... gosh i luv him x3

bigredhead: aww :) sweet.

clairebear: yeah i luv him .. anyways .. what are YOU doing?

bigredhead: ummm ... idk if i can tell u ..

clairebear: dyl? i thought we were friends ...

bigredhead: okay. u got me ;) im in <3 with Jake °.°

clairebear: ehmagawd x10 !! isn't that the guy who looks exactly like logan lerman??

bigredhead: sí <3

clairebear: cool. well ive g2g offline >> Mom! -.-

clairebear: c ya 2marrow!

bigredhead: ok, bye!



  clairebear has signed off ...

  bigredhead has signed off ...


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holagurrl: mass? r u there?

massiekur: hey

holagurrl: watcha doin?

massiekur: online-shopping, wbu?

holagurrl: omg, me²!

massiekur: CLICK

holagurrl: <3 that bag

massiekur: i know :) but this b. is not for me...

holagurrl: ???

massiekur: dylan!?!

holagurrl: omg x2! i know, her b-day?! gosh, i need a prsnt!!!

massiekur: do u think she'd like it?

holagurrl: no.

massiekur: WHAT?

holagurrl: she'll LUV it ;D

massiekur: -.-

holagurrl: i think i'll buy her sunglasses and a DVD or smth.

massiekur: tomarrow: SHOPPING 4 dyl!

holagurrl: dito.

massiekur has signed off ...

holagurrl has signed off ...


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massiekur: hey claire. ? up?

claire-bear: feelin' worst :(

massiekur: ?

claire-bear: cam!

massiekur: oh puh-lease. CLAIRE! dont think about it!!!

claire-bear: how?

massiekur: watch a movie, bake a cake or whatever. just dont think about HIM!

claire-bear: no...i dont wanna watch a movie or smth else

massiekur: CLAIRE!!!

claire-bear: :'(

massiekur: ok, whats your problem?

claire-bear: i think cam will break up if i tell him...

massiekur: so?

claire-bear: i dont know...

massiekur: you annoy me!

claire-bear: sry :(

massiekur: maybe u both should take a lil break?!

claire-bear: NO!

massiekur: CLAIRE!! are you kiddin me?!! you said >uuuhh i dont love cam what should i do< So, Now I tell YOU what to do but YOU just write >NO!< !!!!

claire-bear: im sorry.


claire-bear has signed off ...


massiekur: CLAIRE!!!!!


Guys, we are afraid we have to tell you that we decided to close our homepage. I know, I know, why would we do something that supid? well, the thing is; we are busy girls. we have more interesting stuff to do then write down our lifestory. so puh-lease dont be sad ;D



The pretty Committee, 01.01.2011


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