Style of the Month

So, you guys want to check out the style of the month? well, we hope so; cuz you definitely dont know what to wear, bitches.

Dress: Shopbop
Shoes: Net-a-Porter






Dress: Georges Hobeika

Jeans: J brand

Vest: D & G


Dress: Style
(massies fav!)


Top: Ecko red

Shoes: Torrid


Dress: New York magazine

(leeshs fav)


Tank Top: Michael Stars

Jeans: Shop Bop

Bag: Barneys

Boots: Wet Seal

(claire loves this outfit)


Top: Free people

Beanie: Urban outfitters

Jeans: Singer 22

Belt: Linea pelle

Shoes: Barney's

(dylan is obsessed wiht this one)


Dress for Less


Guys, we are afraid we have to tell you that we decided to close our homepage. I know, I know, why would we do something that supid? well, the thing is; we are busy girls. we have more interesting stuff to do then write down our lifestory. so puh-lease dont be sad ;D



The pretty Committee, 01.01.2011


Welcome to the Official Blah-g of the ah-mazing Pretty Committe. Well, our Blah-g is always Updated © by Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Claire Lyons, Dylan Marvil and Kristen Gregory. Don't Copy anything without our Permission. Thanks. So, ensjoy and follow us on twitter @glamourclique


The Pretty Committee

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Link Us! We Luv our Fans ;)