Other Characters

Jay and Judi Lyons

Claire Lyons's "overprotective" parents. They appear in every book. Judi is a little plumper than Kendra Block and is told "that can be fixed with pilates". Jay is old college friends with William Block and that is how they came to live in the guesthouse. They give more discipline to Claire than Kendra and William Block give Massie.


Kendra and William Block

Massie's overindulgent and also very wealthy parents. It is obvious throughout the books, especially when Massie gets expelled, that they do not discipline her well, often, or enough. They also don't pay much attention to her, resulting in her constant need to be the center of attention. Kendra is described as very slender, a result of her doing tennis, pilates, etc., and William is said to be balding and a little on the heavy side. Kendra has had Botox injections and she has been trying to become more peaceful through her self-help book club. William was Jay Lyons's (Claire Lyons's dad) old college friend and that was the original reason why the Lyons came to live in their guesthouse.


Len and Nadia Rivera

Alicia Rivera's gorgeous parents. Nadia was a former model in Spain and Alicia thinks she is still pretty enough. Len is a very successful lawyer with tons of connections. Alicia constantly makes references to him and his job. She also gets him to get her things such as Beyonce' tickets and into Fashion week. Through the series they occasionaly appear and seem to care very much about Alicia and family such as Nina.


Merri Lee Marvil

Dylan's famous celebrity mother who hosts the popular show Daily Grind. She is said to be very skinny. In the 5th book Strawberry says "She looks like she hasn't eaten in 5 years". She appears in several books. Often, Dylan threatens others that she would expose their wrong doings on her mother's show.


Todd Lyons

Claire's little brother who appears in virtually every single book except Bratfest At Tiffany's. He is in 5th Grade, is 10 years old, and is described as having red hair and freckles. He has a tendency to eavesdrop, something that Massie, Claire and even Alicia on occasion often use for their own gains. He has a crush on Massie and Alicia and often flirts with them, once going so far as to put a camera in Massie's shower. He normally delivers “C-notes” and candy from Cam to Claire. He attends Briarwood Academy and plays the tuba in the school marching band. In the second book he gives Massie Block her first kiss. Then Massie is mad because she wanted Cam to give her her first kiss. Todd absolutely loves TPC.


Nina Callas

Alicia’s maternal cousin who is mention once in “Revenge Of The Wannabes” and appears for the duration of “Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers” in which she plays the antagonist. Nina is described as looking a lot like Alicia, but more beautiful and with a chest that "makes Alicia's look like a back". She tends to wear “sexy, trampy, and slutty” clothing, like gold boots, tight tops and booty shorts, but the Pretty Committee finds out that she stole the clothes from her older sisters. In addition to stealing her sisters’ clothes, Nina manages to steal a number of other items around the school, including Alicia’s Ralph Lauren argyle socks, a girl’s pencil case, and a teacher’s expensive MontBlanc red pen. She attempts to steal all of the PC's crushes by making them "ignore the PC". It is later revealed that she told them if they stayed away from the PC, they would win their soccer game. When they find out this is all lies, they try to return to the PC. She goes to the "Love Struck" dance with Derrington and they win Cupid Award. Nina's heist is then revealed. Nina has a major role in the Clique Summer Collection: Alicia. Nina's twin sisters Isobel and Celia make her dye her hair platinum blonde and get a Dora the Explorer bob. In the beginning she takes revenge on Alicia, but toward the end they make a truce and are friends.


Tiny Nathan

Nathan is Todd’s best friend, who usually appears when he does. He is described as having 'mouse like features' and hardly ever speaks. He and Todd are often manipulated by various members of the Pretty Committee, but are often rewarded with kisses, so they usually don’t complain. In Revenge of the Wannabes, he shows a passion for wrestling with Todd.


Layne Abeley

Layne Jane Abeley is Claire's only true friend outside of the Pretty Commitee. She is in all of the Clique books. Layne is mostly known for her quirky habits, notably, having a peculiar food obsessions such as oatmeal, popcorn with mustard, popsicles, Go-Gurt, Crystal Light and Slim Jims. She does other strange things like wearing her head gear to school adorned with light-up magnets and picking outfits that don't match. She is often the butt of the PC's jokes, much to Claire's dismay. Layne had a boyfriend starting in Best Friends for Never. "Eli" was a Gothic, punk rock boy who wore eyeliner and nail polish. Layne proceeded to break up with him in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers for being too infatuated with Nina Callas. Layne's other friends are Meena and Heather, two girls that share Layne's interests. In It's not Easy Being Mean it was stated that all three girls enjoy giving protests that are, at times, utterly pointless. Layne in the books by told always manages to crack Claire up when she is fighting with Massie. She is also Chris Abeley's sister.


Chris Abeley

Layne Abeley’s fifteen year-old brother appears in It’s Not Easy Being Mean, The Clique and “Sealed With A Diss.” He is described as having gorgeous navy blue eyes and blonde hair. Massie had a crush on him in the first book, but “dropped” him when she found out that he had a girlfriend, Fawn. In Sealed With a Diss, Massie has to convince him to fall for Skye Hamilton, but he ends up falling for her instead. Chris loves his horse, Tricky, but in "It's Not Easy Being Mean", when Chris and Fawn break up, Fawn tells everyone Chris talks to his horse and everyone makes fun of him. It is unknown if they will start dating. Massie used him to get the secret key for the secret room and to get Chris to go with Skye Hamilton at her Famous Couples Party. Began crushing on Massie Block when she transformed him into hawtie x10. Chris and Massie go to the same horseback riding stables, Galwaugh Farms.


Cam Fisher

Cam appears in many of the Clique books, most notably The Pretty Committee Strikes Back and Bratfest at Tiffany's. He is Claire Lyons' on again off again boyfriend and most of the plots he is featured prominently in revolve around his and Claire's relationship. Cam is described as having one blue eye and one green eye with long dark hair, however later on it is mentioned that he has golden brown hair. He is also described as being a romantic towards Claire. Massie had a crush on Cam throughout the second and third book, but stopped 'crushing' on him when it was revealed that he liked Claire. In the beginning of their relationship, Cam and Claire exchanged e-mails, and he gives Claire bags of candy hearts, gummies or CDs through her younger brother, Todd. After Nina Callas, Alicia's pretty Spanish cousin, moves to Westchester, their relationship turns sour. When Cam avoids her for weeks, Claire, thinking that he does not like her anymore, kisses Josh Hotz. Cam eventually forgives her, but the two remain on rocky ground for the rest of the novels. When Claire confronts Cam about cheating on her with his "camp-tramp girlfriend" Nikki, it is revealed that he was not cheating on her at all. Annoyed by her spying, he breaks up with her. In the next novel "Bratfest at Tiffany's" it is revealed that he is dating Olivia Ryan. However, at the end of "Bratfest at Tiffany's" Cam breaks up with Olivia, and asks Claire to forgive him.


Harris Fisher

Cam Fisher’s older brother who appears most notably “Revenge Of The Wannabes”. Harris is described as being tall, with green eyes and black hair. Alicia had a crush on him but realized he was just using her and her father’s connections to get tickets for a Strokes concert. He also appears in "It's Not Easy Being Mean" as one of the Briarwood Boys that might have the key under his mattress.


Derrick Harrington

More often referred to as "Derrington' throughout the novels, Derrick appears prominently in The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Sealed with a Diss, Revenge of the Wannabes and Bratfest at Tiffany's. Derrick acts as a dramatic foil for Massie, starting out as her friends' crush, then her crush, then her boyfriend and, eventually, her ex-boyfriend. Derrick seems to be the only boy that Massie gets nervous around. He is written as having shaggy blonde hair and large brown eyes. He plays goalie for the Briarwood soccer team. He is noted as having many quirks, including wearing shorts all the time, even in winter, wiggling and flashing his butt after scoring a goal and referring to most people, even Massie, by their last names. Massie and Derrick's relationship is foreshadowed in the third book, but it is fully revealed in the fourth one. After Nina Callas convinces Massie that Derrick likes her (Nina) and not Massie, Massie ignores him. After Nina is thrown out of OCD, Massie and Derrick talk and they make up. Massie gives Derrick her "M" brooch, which he continues to wear well into the fifth book. In "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back" Massie, through a series of lies to the other girls she is "tutoring" to kiss, unintentionally leads Derrick to believe that she has been seeing someone else. He confronts her and she apologizes. They kiss and make up once again and it seems as if their relationship is good and well. However, he breaks up with Massie in book 8, because he has an "issue" with her. He later tells her he's into older girls because they're more "mature". He also thinks Massie is dating Chris Abely, Layne's older brother because she spends a lot of time with Chris. This is because for the key to the secret room (bomb shelter where alpha eight graders hang out) from 8th grade alpha Skye Hamilton, Massie has to get Chris to like Skye. If Massie doesn't hook up Skye with Chris, the PC (Pretty Committee) doesn't get access to the bomb shelter at all, thus destroying their hopes of alpha 8th grade status. In the ninth book, Derrick changes his style, (i.e.: wearing jeans for the first time) but Massie becomes interested in Dempsey Solomon, a once LBR loser beyond repair.


Josh Hotz

Josh makes his first Clique appearance in book 4, during Nina Callas’s Welcome To Westchester party. Alicia sees him as a potential crush and begins to gather information on him. She learns that he is not an exchange student from Hotchkiss Academy as the principal told everyone, but, rather, he was expelled after pulling a fire alarm before a major test. He is on the soccer team, as many of the Pretty Committee’s crushes are and is described to be a preppy Ralph Lauren lover and enjoys gossip, like Alicia, with dark hair and thick eyelashes. He has olive skin and licorice-red lips. He remains relatively unseen in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, only appears three times in the entire book, but he is featured more prominently in Bratfest at Tiffany's. At the end of Invasion of the Boy Snatchers Claire Lyons kisses him because Cam Fisher was ignoring her. He is lead to believe that Claire genuinely likes him and seems somewhat hurt when Claire gets back together with Cam. In Dial L For Loser, Josh shows that he likes Alicia back by giving her daisies. Little is seen of him in It's Not Easy Being Mean and he reappears at the end of Sealed with a Diss after attending Skye Hamilton’s Famous Couples party with Alicia as Ralph and Ricky Lauren. In Bratfest at Tiffany's Josh and Alicia secretly begin dating even though Massie’s boy-fast prohibits the Pretty Committee girls from dating. At the end of "Bratfest at Tiffany's" Massie calls off the boy-fast. What will happen next in their relationship is unclear.


Kemp Hurley

Kemp only appears in three novels, “Invasion of the Boy Snatchers” and “Sealed with a Diss” and "Bratfest at Tiffany's" . In “Invasion of the Boy Snatchers” he attends the Love Struck Dance with Kristen Gregory. Kristen seems to show absolutely no romantic feeling for him and she only asks him to the dance so that he will kiss her so she will win the “Who Can Get Kissed First?” bet. He attends Skye Hamilton’s Famous Couples party with Dylan who also goes with another boy from Briarwood. In "Bratfest at Tiffany's" he plays a role of an "ex-crush" in their boyfast


Chris Plovert

Chris, mostly referred to as Plovert, appears in only four novels, "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers," "Sealed with a Diss" and "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back" and "Bratfest at Tiffany's." In the fourth and fifth books, he has broken his leg and constantly wears a cast, so Dylan picks him as her date for the Valentine's Day Dance because he cannot run away from her. In "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back", he is known to have a crush on Olivia Ryan, but later develops a crush on Dylan and goes to Skye's party with her and Kemp as Ashton Kutcher in "Sealed With A Diss".


Griffin Hastings

Griffin only appears in one novel- “Sealed with a Diss". He is described as having spiky black hair and large green eyes. His father owns the pizza parlor 'A Slice of Heaven.' At first he appears to be sensitive and kind, (reading books like "The Notebook") but it is later found out that the whole thing is an act to get a good grade in the ESP class. Truly, he's a huge horror fan and likes to read horror novels, not chick lit books as Kristen and the rest of the Pretty Committee suspected. He was Kristen's crush and date for Skye's Famous Couples Party. He and Kristen went as Chucky and the Bride of Chucky. He, unlike the rest of the Pretty Committee’s crushes, does not play soccer.


Dempsey Solomon

A former LBR and a non-soccer guy. He is a friend and crush of Layne's. When he was an LBR, he was called "Humpty Dempsey" by Massie because he was chubby. Over the summer, he and his parents went to Africa to help rebuild houses, which is how he became a HART. Massie crushes on him in Book 9, despite the rules of her own "boyfast". Dempsey is described as muscular, caramel blonde, somewhat tall, funny, nice, green-eyed, and deeply tanned. Claire uses him to "jealousy-flirt" so she can get Cam Fisher back, again despite the boyfast. He was the role model for the LBR guys in the overflow trailers when Massie was giving them make-overs. At the end, Massie ends up liking him so much that she ends her own "boyfast" It is unknown for now whether or not Dempsey and Massie will become a couple, or if he and Layne are still friends, since he didn't join her protest.


Skye Hamilton

Skye Hamilton appears in It's Not Easy Being Mean and Sealed with a Diss as the 8th grade alpha who has hidden the key. The key leads to an OCD paradise in the bomb shelter that all the teachers have forgotten about. Instead of following the 5 year tradition of handing down the key, Skye sent out CDs to girls at OCD rather than to give it to the 7th grade alpha (Massie). Skye and her group of friends, the DSL Daters (they are all blondes) give clues on the CD to the girls who had received the CD. She liked Chris Abeley, Layne's older brother and begged Massie to help her or Massie would lose the key to the secret room. But, after seeing Dune Baxter, she develops a crush on him. Skye hosts the Famous Couple Party as Angie. She will also have her own series called The Alphas.


Olivia Ryan

Olivia, more commonly known as "Duh-Livia or Faux-Livia", ("Duh-livia" because she was ditzy, and "Faux-Livia" because she is known for buying cheap knock-offs.)is Alicia's good friend from dance class. Appearing in books, 2,3,5,7,8,and 9, Olivia is seen as a ditzy girl with white blond hair. When she and Alicia attempt to form their own clique, it is she who recruits Kori and Strawberry(see below), and in book 9, it is she who steals Cam from Claire.


Coral "Strawberry" McAdams

The Dylan "replacement" in Revenge of the Wannabes, who also attends OCD. In Book 3, when Alicia attempts to break away from TPC and start her own clique, where she, not Massie, would be the alpha, Olivia Ryan thinks of her as one of two girls as additional members of their new group. She also hangs around the Briarwood soccer boys in the ninth book. Strawberry, whose real name is Coral, has bright red hair and mint green eyes, shops at the store Strawberry, and turns pink when she gets angry. Besides having red hair, another similarity to Dylan is that they both love to eat. In book 5, she is the only girl not to join M.U.C.K. and acts obnoxious as a group leader.


Kori Gedman

The Kristen "replacement" in Revenge of the Wannabes who also attends OCD. In Book 3, when Alicia attempts to break away from TPC and start her own clique, where she, not Massie, would be the alpha, Olivia Ryan thinks of her as one of two girls as being additional members of their new group. She also hangs around the Briarwood soccer boys in the ninth book. Kori is described as being the "second best athlete at OCD" (the first being Kristen), having a horrible, slouchy posture, possessing a "psycho laugh," and also an occupant of the Brickview Apartments.


Nurse Adele

Nurse Adele appears in the first, second, and the fourth novels. Although not as important to other girls in OCD, Nurse Adele provides comfort and hope for Claire when she needs it. Claire first meets Nurse Adele when Alicia puts a streak of red paint on Claire's pants to make it look like Claire had started her period during class. Nurse Adele allows Claire to take clothes from the Lost And Found because she knows that none of the other girls will want their “last season” clothes back.




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